5.0 star rating
Came back to Grill Point after a year with an unstoppable craving for shawarma. I forgot what was better by this point, the baby chicken or lamb. Lamb. I copped out on a chicken shawarmizzle and my girlfriend got a lamb. After chowing down our food and trying each others, I came to the conclusion that the lamb is the way to go. The fries and salad on the side are great add ones, although I didn't have room to finish everything. The portions are just right, although, I wish I could just by a shawarma minus the fries :/ Anywho, I'll deff be back. This is my go-to shawarma spot for life!
Zack A.
Customer's review on Yelp website

Every time we are crossing the G.W bridge from NJ to go to Queens, we can't help it. We know we must eat our lunch, or dinner at Grill Point. Every dish we order is mouth watering... delicious and fresh! Also we never forget to take some good takeaway. Thank you for your amazing restaurant Grill Point!
Lehava and Mark K.
Customer's review on Yelp website

5.0 star rating

Great place for kosher food... always fresh great service... the lamb shawarma is amazing. expensive food on the menu but very big portions so I guess you getting what you paying for. 
the best homus and tahini that you can get!!  A+++++

Robert S.
Customer's review on Yelp website

Grill point is #1. you get exactly what you ask for right away even thought they're so busy. the food is amazing and the workers are friendly and considerate. when I go there I felt like I'm eating with my family in my own house that's how warm they are over there. in my opinion evenings are the best . Check it out! you'll love it
Customer's review in Yahoo restaurants

Best Shuwarma Outside of Israel?: Well that was the line that caught my attention, since I heard it once from a friend and overheard it once from a guy on the bus. Now I've never been to Israel, but the food at this place is AMAZING! Everything is really clean, and well prepared. I'm half Greek and it was just as good as the best Greek food I've gotten (cuisines are basically the same except the names). The staff is nice, and the atmosphere is great. I'd definitely go out of my way to eat here again (though I live in walking distance), as should you. Okay to wrap up my long review, which is a result of boredom and enthusiasm, you should eat here!
Customer's review in Yahoo restaurants

Not just another kosher spot in queens - authentic food, great shawarma with all the traditional sides. service is about as authentic as the food - attitude and abrasiveness galore...but hey, its Isreali - you come for the food and experience!
Customer's review on Yelp website

I'm a frequent guest at Grill Point.  It's one of my favorite restaurants.  Their specialty is Schwarma, either chicken or lamb/turkey, falafal.  They have amazing pita, hummus and a really good salad bar.  The servers are friendly and they charge a fair price.  They also have plenty of other options besides what i've already listed including, tasty grilled chicken cutlets or beef/chicken skewers.  Sides are tasty also and include, rice, eggplant, and more.  I definitely recommend this place to anyone who likes a good middle eastern type meal
Brat T. Forest Hills NY
Customer's review on Yelp website

Used to go there every week and get a baby chicken with everything on it and spicy green sauce on a lafa and it would kill my hunger. D'ont go there often now.. but no matter what I'll always go there with new friends!
M.S. Forest Hills, NY
Customer's review on Yelp website

FYI: You order at the cashier first and then hand the recipt to the dudes at the front, i did not know this and stood there like a fool for a while until the guy told me to go order at the cashier.
We got the baby chicken schwarma on Pita with everything in it and it was 5 stars worthy good.  There is a hint of curry somewhere in that mix and it makes it that much more tasty.  I've tried it on lafa but i think i prefer the pita.  +1 to the random asian lady giving out tips on what kind of salad to get.
Even after driving home in 20 min, the pita was still warm and the bread was not soggy, YES win.
I had come here with some friends for dinner before and it is true that the dining space inside is quite sparse.  This will probably be an issue for larger groups but if you have a small group of 1-2 people it shouldnt be an issue
Dave C.
Customer's review on Yelp website

This place is so good I had a chicken shawarma delivered to Los Angeles. Five plus hours later and that thing was still great.  Best shawarma I've had in the NY area, great price, it rivals Pita Kitchen in Los Angeles.  (For those that care, it's glatt kosher.)
This is one of those great places that apparently has yet to be discovered by many other yelpers.
I have to mention a few other things about this place that I realized during my second visit the same day.  First, their lafa bread is amazing, I think they make it there.   Second, they are kind of soup nazi's; if you don't tell them everything you want in the shawarma initially and ask to add it later they get kind of pissy.  But what can I say, a shawarma this good is art.
Kurtiz D
Marina Del Rey, CA
Customer's review on Yelp website

This place is absolutely amazing.
Last time I flew into NYC, I asked the lady who was my ground transportation from the airport, if she could recommend good middle eastern food. I had told her that I heard of Mahmoun's, but it was raining and I didn't want to walk the 2 miles in the rain, so asked if she could recommend something in the Financial District.
She took me by this place, Grill Point, on the way into the city and I got a chicken shawarma in a lafa, to go, ate it in the car....oh. my. god. It was absolutely amazing. It's a kosher place, and the menu is written in Hebrew, with English on the side. Very authentic. I get shawarma's all the time in L.A. at my FAVORITE little place (ahem PITA KITCHEN ahem), and this Grill Point in Queens was such a treat. The only difference from my usually shawarma wrap was that Grill Point puts French fries in their wraps. A little weird, if I can be honest, but they know what they're doing because it was great.
On the way back to the airport after my trip to NYC, the same woman was my transportation back to JFK Airport, and she took me by Grill Point again, and I bought an extra one to take on the plane with me, and gave it to my boyfriend when I got home. It handled the 6 hour flight quite well, although I smelled shawarma the whole way  =)
Long review, but this place is great!  Almost worthy of another trip to NYC
Melissa W.
Customer's review on Yelp website

This is by far my favorite shawarma place in queens. beats all the rest hands down. homemade laffas(pita bread), free salad bar with delicious salads moroccan style carrots, pickled cabbage and pickles, jalapeno peppers ... great hummus perfectly seasoned shawarma. staff is nice but come off as pushy and having no patience(typical israeli). best in queens you guys have to try this.
Anthony K. NY
Customer's review on Yelp website



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